Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wrightsville Beach Visit

Friday after work I headed down to Wrightsville to visit Barbara.  I've been looking forward to seeing her and her new home.  Friday night, Lake (her hubby) cooked up some delicious chicken fajitas and margaritas. 

We enjoyed those margaritas!! L to R: Barbara, Carson, me, Ashley

Saturday we walked the loop, laid on the beach and then did a little home store shopping.  If you head to Wilmington make sure you check out Ivy Cottage (consignments -- 4 buildings with a little bit of everything), Blue Hand Home and Nest.  Or do a little shopping from the comfort of your home -- they all have items for sale on their websites.

I am in love with these lamps at Blue Hand Home.  Only problem is they run about $1000 for a pair.  Not in the budget this month...  Aren't they pieces of art though? They are made by a girl named Daniella Lucia.

Blue Hand Home also has a great selection of reasonably priced jewlery and purses.  I may have to order this Melie Bianco bag (copying B!).

Here is a little tour of Barbara and Lake's new home.  They have done such a great job of blending his (fishing, hunting) and her (very feminine) stuff seamlessly.  It really works!!

Master bedroom
I have always wanted to steal her Staffordshire dog figurine prints above the bed.  I love the green silk drapes to add a little color as well.

Master bathroom
I love the burlap shower curtain with fringe from Ballard Design.  Does the flower painting look familiar?  I have my own version from Rachel's Wine & Design party in my office.

Eating area
Lake and Barbara are a crafty couple.  Lake helped Barbs add glass to the china cabinet and paint it.  She said she was ready to ditch it until he shared his vision with her!  Barbara recently recovered the chairs and the bar chest came from Ivy Cottage.  The sweet portrait of their dog, Cooper, was a thoughtful wedding gift from Carson.  The orchid on the table is from their rehearsal dinner in July.

Coffee table and end table were hand crafted by Lake.  Impressive, huh?  The white chair B picked up at Ivy Cottage.

She has a pair of the above chair in the guest bedroom.  I've always adored the fabric and their size and shape.  Carson and I were messy guests and didn't make the bed, so I never got a shot of the whole guest room.

5 dachshunds in the above photo.  B's grandmother needlepointed the pillows.

And one of my favorite features -- their spacious deck with views of the waterway!
I was shocked when I complimented the panels in her den and eating area and she admitted they came from Home Depot -- $20 a panel!  They are sturdy and perfect for their beach den.  I am heading over tomorrow to check out their selection.  I could always doctor them up with a little trim.


Then we enjoyed some more cocktails by the water and a great dinner Saturday night.
Guess who brought this wine?


A good walk with great views of the water, home shopping, drinks, good food and lots of laughs -- it was a perfect weekend.

Thanks for hosting us, Barbara!!  Can't wait to come back for another girls weekend or to bring Josh along. :)


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  1. I love it! You are so cute and I had SO much fun! Already miss you!