Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Never a bad day at work

when every day is "bring your dog to work day."

I challenge you to show me a cuter assistant.


PS- Bay and KJ -- this was for you ladies!!

Bloom Theory Straps

Did you see these featured on Matchbook yesterday?  I am dying for one of these straps for my new camera.  Only dilemma is deciding which one...

I'm leaning towards #1 ("washed ashore") or #7 ("bohemian belle").  Which do you like better?  Which is more practical for having on my camera every day?


Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm still alive...

I've just been busy and slightly unmotivated to post lately.  I'll try to get back into making it part of my routine -- if you all haven't completely given up on me.  I'll warn you though -- none of this is really very exciting or newsbreaking -- just a little glimpse into our everyday life.

Quick recap on what we've been up to...

Josh turned 32 a few weeks ago -- I can hardly believe it.  We celebrated with his family at the Angus Barn where they surprised him with a cake with quite the hint written in the message! :)  

NO, we aren't actually expecting!!

I got myself a new grown-up camera (Canon Rebel T3i) and my main subject (victim?!) is poor Olive.  She actually has been quite the sport -- her father, not so much.

I did one small project last weekend while Josh was away at guy's weekend.  Funny how this ended up taking me most of an afternoon -- four paint variations before I was satisfied.
This was the point in the project I started really liking the unpainted version better.
The Raleigh painting needs a simple frame and to actually be hung, but happy with the general idea of how the urns look with the art and busy bookshelves.  In the end the technicolor was just too much with all the random knick-knacks in the bookshelves -- at least for me.  Trying not to overdo it.

Kathryn and Maeby had a sleepover with O & I while the boys were at the beach.

Did you know Mandolin has a new bar menu with $9 and $10 range entrees?  We enjoyed the BBQ sliders and chicken with mac & cheese.

Ok, if you are still reading, I'm impressed.  More to come later this week!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Amateur Abstract Art

I worked on my first DIY project in the new house a week or so ago and have been back and forth loving and hating it for the last week.  Tell me your honest thoughts.

First - let's start with the big picture - some living room dreaming:

via Pinterest (I think originally Lonny Mag, but now it's not linking?)

We now have a formal living room that is a pretty good size, but I'm still working on a tight allowance which means getting creative and thrifty.  I bought a very sentimental couch from my sweet aunt in December and then moved some other pieces from around Edenton Street into the living room to give the room a few pieces to start.  However, I didn't have much to donate to the living room walls and there is a huge wall behind the couch that needed something pretty massive.

Flipping through design magazines for the last year I kept finding myself drawn to formal living rooms with traditional furniture and a pop of modern art.  Then I started seeing art I loved on blogs and Pinterest and I realized what was drawing me to it was the beautiful colors.
Lindsay Cowles "Southern Moonlight"

Kristy Gammill "All You Need"

So I decided to give it a go.  Well, abstract art is harder than it looks.

Jerry's Artarama has the best and most reasonable supplies (Raleigh peeps-- it is in the shopping center where Trader Joe's is on Wake Forest).  Those huge bottles of paint were $4.99 - $8.99 -- sure beats $20 something for a small tube.  I knew I'd need a lot of acrylic paint for my 48" x 48" canvas.  All supplies for this project cost $125 -- not bad for a HUGE piece of art and I have tons of paint left for future projects.

I wanted to be able to mix the colors so I did a lot of rinsing my brushes in my water cup and quick painting. This whole project didn't take too much longer than an hour or so.

While I was looking at the canvas, deciding what to do next...someone came over and stuck her snout in paint.

About this time Josh came home and informed me he wasn't crazy about modern art -- he prefers landscapes. :) 

Lots of bright colors!

Here it is resting above the couch (which by the way, is greener in person).  I want to have it framed in simple gold frame if I keep it in the living room.

I knew I'd need a few other bright pieces to pull this room together.  Then while at AB this weekend Jean and I found this pillow.  Do you think even with all the colors it is still dressy?

View from kitchen/den

Wish list / inspiration board (some of these are quite pricey, so I'm searching for "look for less") to freshen up the room without adding too much more color:

Links: 1 2 3 4 5

Ok - honest feedback?  Have I totally lost it?


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We survived the move

We made it with all of our stuff and sweet pup to our new house.  Thanks so much to our family and friends for already helping it feel like home with their visits and endless hours of packing and unpacking.

Just some cabinet and other random punch work left.  Can't say enough good things about Gephart Hill.  If you are considering renovations or building you need to call these guys -- absolute class act & pleasure to work with on this project.  

Here are a few pics I snapped of our weekend:
My strong father-in-law was able to fix our chandelier by bending the very bent arm back to the correct position.  I am so happy it didn't break!
Then Saturday mom, dad & Bailey arrived to help.  Mom & Bailey unpacked my kitchen while Dad was put to work doing some hanging.  
We had a fun Otto / Collins joint family dinner Saturday night.
Better late than never -- 6 weeks late, but mom finally got her gift and cake (thanks to Jean for making the cake!).
One of my besties, Caroline, was a honorary Collins for the night!
After giving Josh a hard time for taking it easy on Friday (how did I end up at the old house with the movers while he was relaxing at the new house with DirecTV?) :)  He MORE than made up for it Sunday by spending hours in the yard in the rain.
And then we all felt exactly like Olive in this picture!

I've already done one DIY that has received mixed results...will share in the next few days to get some HONEST feedback.