Monday, November 18, 2013

Take a seat...finally!

Sometimes I can be extremely tempted by instant gratification, but in this case, I'm glad my budget mandated patience.  6+ months after purchasing the chair frames, they are finally functional.  Josh is as thrilled as I am -- which naturally isn't always the case when it comes to decorating milestones.  Holiday dinners in the dining room, here we come!

Some might wonder why I picked two different fabrics when all eight chairs are actually identical.  Well I arrived at this decision partly because of budget and partly because although I love color, for items requiring lots of fabric (couch, drapes, etc.) I've found I'm happier when I stick neutral and then add in pops of color (pillows, art, accessories).  Due to the style of the chair they each required 1.5 yards of fabric.  As I mentioned in a previous post the gray was $15 / yd from Mill Outlet.  The Schumacher Babe's Tweed was a bit more of a splurge, but I did find it 40% off through L.A. Design Center (highly recommend them!).

I'm so thrilled with how both varieties turned out -- thanks again to my friends at Best Custom Upholstery (Quick PSA for Raleigh friends:  Did you know they moved?  Now they are located near the corner of Trawick Rd. and Stonybrook Dr. on Stonybrook)

The majority of the time the two tweed chairs will reside on either side of my buffet in the windows.  When we do have 8 dinner guests I'll pull them up opposite and they can act as the "head" chairs.

Of course my Herend wedding china will add a pop of color.  I finally bought a few of the gold ruffle Vietri chargers from Quintessentials this weekend -- such a good price point for their elegance.  Thanks to one of my besties, Kathryn, for telling me about them and graciously encouraging me to copy her.

Next priority is art work to add some color and personality to the room.  I'm thinking a pair to go on either side of the door to butler's pantry.  An inspiration post to come soon on that topic.  A chandelier is also on the wish list.  Again, I will try to be patient to make sure I invest in something I'll love for decades (while of course also trying to find a deal).

For now we will just have to enjoy the view into my favorite room in the house.

In other news, Josh and I spend hours almost every Sunday working in our yard.  It's become our little ritual Sunday afternoon and our hard work (mostly Josh's) is paying off.  We are enjoying roses and camellias in bloom around our yard, so I cut a few to enjoy inside this week.  My sweet grandfather would be so proud.

Saturday night we headed downtown to one of the Ottos' best family friends' daughter's wedding.  
Besides a pair of maternity jeans, I haven't purchased anything maternity.  I'm trying to find loser clothing that I can wear again post-baby.  Saturday I rocked Anthropologie's Joyeux Dress.  I'm hoping to still fit in it over the holidays and possibly for a wedding in January (wishful thinking?!).  Can't believe it's less than 4 months to my due date.

How sweet are these pictures of the father-daugher dance and parents of the bride?

I loved the seasonally appropriate flowers and use of feathers in the arrangements.  Great inspiration for holiday.

The Otto family was all there to celebrate.

If you are still reading, I'm impressed.  


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend recap

Our weekend consisted of a little bit of baby
My mom (sketched it out) and dad (painted) finished my giraffe painting that I commissioned for the nursery.  To say I am obsessed in an understatement.  I'd love it no matter who painted it, but it's extra special and sentimental due to the artists!  It will hang over Otto Bean's crib.

Olivia was harassed into trying on a baby sleepsack....which kind of looks like a hospital gown.  She looks miserable.  I love the Bella Bliss line.

One of my best friend's from high school, Ellen, and her sweet hubby, Scott, found out they are having a GIRL!  I am so excited for them and it's been so fun to have her going through this pregnancy process with me.  Our babies will be just a month or so apart.

A little bit of decorating
My dining room chairs FINALLY are off being recovered.  I think Josh was sick of 6+ months of seeing chairs that you couldn't actually sit in around the table.  It will be so nice to have a functional dining room over the holidays.  Who wants to come over for dinner??

My parents were in town -- which sadly I didn't document very well.  We had such a nice visit!  Mom & I drug dad all over Raleigh on Saturday.  She found some a great silk fabric at Mill Outlet for her living room drapes.  Dad was quite the Vanna White holding the samples.

A little bit of celebrating
Saturday night we grilled out at home with my parents and then we helped host an engagement party for Myers and Kai in downtown Raleigh

I wore the dress I blogged about here and got lots of compliments -- contrary to Josh saying I sort of looked like a mom. :) Ha!  I enjoyed it and it runs big -- I got an XS and still have some room to grow since it's a shift style.  I'll be wearing this lots over the holidays!

With the beautiful bride-to-be

A little bit of backyard work
Every time Josh plants something in our yard it unfailingly turns into an excavation.  He may or may not have dug up a tombstone on Sunday when planting a camellia. 

After moving some plants by the garage a few months ago it revealed an ugly, unpainted, uneven garage foundation.  I got out my paintbrush and painted it Sunday and it's amazing how much better it looks.  Olivia decided to perch on the steps (as pictured) and is still sporting some of the paint on her hind leg...


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lusting for glitter & gold!

I'm already ready for the glitter of the holiday season and rounded up a few things that I've been spying on the Internet the last few weeks.

1. Piperlime Collective Concepts Mila Sequin Color Block Dress - only $59 on sale (I ordered this for an engagement party this coming weekend)
2. The Oxford Trunk Sequin Mini Dress - only $65
3. Loeffler Randall Quinnie - a splurge at $295
4. Anthropologie Giraffe Trinket Dish - only $16
5. Gold Gift Wrapping Ideas
6. West Elm Metallic Print Glassware Set - on sale for $27 for a set of 4!