Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The project that just never ends

I've been working on my foyer for quite some time now.  Josh has been very patient, but he has now said this project really needs to be completed before I start acting like a crazy-hyper woman on a new one (my words, not his).  Very, very fair!

I shopped my own house and the mirror moved to the powder room.  I love the lamps (one of my favorite items pre-me taking over the house!) and they will remain.  The chest is a great size and practical for storage, but wish it was a little lighter in color, feminine in design...

BUT those things come at a price and this was left behind by Josh's brother, Jason, so I decided to see if I could "fancy it up" a bit.

First - I purchased this mirror from Horchow -- super reasonable for the style.  I've really enjoyed it.

Next I started my painting -- notice the Santa -- I told you this project was never ending!!

I went back and forth on color -- should it be cream / taupe or in the green / gray family?  At this point I also traded in the dark oriental pair of rugs for more washed rugs (pictured below).

I ultimately decided on green / gray (Sherwin-Williams custom color) after lusting after a piece at Robert's.
Notice the Santa and Christmas decorations are long gone...

Then I somehow got the idea in my head that I wanted to add decorative wooden pieces to the chest.  I headed over to Lowe's where the man acted like I was crazy for inquiring about such a thing.  He sent me to Michael's and I was in my own little decorative wood heaven.  I bought a LOT of different ones...I ended up deciding they were cheap and cheesy looking and stuck to rope.  I got out some of my favorite gold leaf paint and went to town.

Here is the project in it's CURRENT STATE:
I FINALLY decided on and ordered the pulls (the mess on the chest in above photo) so I'll be installing those as soon as I borrow my in-laws drill.  The main reason Josh wanted this project finished was not because he's a neat freak.  It's because if he shuts one of the drawers it requires using a knife to get it open again.  Mind you, this hold check books, important documents, DVDs and other miscellaneous, but frequently used items.  I told you...he's been patient.

Here is the view looking back to the front from the dining room.

I debated on waiting for this post until the project was actually complete, but hopefully this will make me actually drill holes and have pulls installed this week!!!  After that it needs a clear sealer coat and then it will be finished.

And you know what that means, I'll be onto my next project that I can't stop thinking about.


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