Friday, August 28, 2015

Family heirloom rocker facelift

When Josh spotted this chair in our garage he informed me it "looked homeless."  It was actually my great-grandfather's and something my parents smartly saved.  After a lot of TLC it will live in Bailey's nursery in Richmond.

I love the goose neck arms - so unique.

I wanted to surprise Bailey and have it painted and upholstered so she could take back when she came to visit in August (she thought that SHE would be painting it herself this weekend, so she was pleasantly surprised!).  This chair was basically drinking up the paint as soon as I put it on and took a ton of coats.  Two days of working on it while C was taking afternoon naps and it was ready to be sent to my sweet upholsterer.

I didn't take the best "after" pictures, but you get the idea.  I got her the same fabric as my dining room chairs - the nubby gray should hold up nicely in a nursery.  Charles was happy to test out the rocking!

I personally think it turned out really well - it's different from a glider, a compact size and has special family meaning.  Looks great in her nursery.

Progress shot...


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mom's 60th bday....2 months late!

I didn't intentionally give up on this blog, but I really haven't had anything that exciting or meaningful to write about.  However, in keeping with the party theme, I have to share my mom's 60th birthday that we hosted for her at my house 2 long months ago (sorry, mom!!).  It really was a gorgeous and wonderful night spent with my family.

I promise to be back soon with some DIY furniture projects and more updates around my house.

I hung purple and gold lanterns with fishing line from the ceiling (ordered from Oriental trading company).  I printed more "through the decades pictures," but no birthday hats on this this time.  

If It's Paper in Raleigh was my go-to place for a lot of the supplies.  The "placemats" are actually thick wrapping paper that comes in two sheets that I cut in half.  It worked perfectly!  The ribbon bow "napkin rings", placecards, cocktail napkins, sparkler candles were from there as well.

The best parents in the world

Delicious summer cocktail - muddled lime, cucumber, mint with soda water, vodka and splash of simple syrup.  Refreshing!
Bailey miraculously made delicious almond macaroons she dyed purple and put a gold 60 to stay on theme.  The birthday dessert was a chocolate wafer / whip cream / peanut butter delicious dessert.