Monday, September 26, 2011

Productive Sunday

For a few of you following along -- it's no secret that I've been trying to think of ways to lighten up my den.   I'm saving up for my ivory silk drapes and a mirrored chest, but in the meantime I decided to get some light colored grasscloth and wallpaper the back of our TV stand / bookcase.  I wanted to paint and glaze it to be similar in color to our kitchen cabinets, but Josh vehemently opposed (not sure if that was due to inconveniencing his Sunday TV watching or a true design vision, but as patient and agreeable he is with most of my projects, I didn't fight it!).

It may help a little?  The grasscloth has a soft green background -- it doesn't show up very well in the photos.

I also added a light to the top shelf.

The bottom section still needs a little work.  The picture on the top shelf in above photo is too tiny...and the books on the bottom right part of the shelf are still not looking very good.  Nonetheless, I think it looks a LITTLE bit better than before.

Our sweet cleaning lady (yes, we have a cleaning lady, don't judge), Vivian, had to cancel unexpectedly last week so I spent the entire Sunday doing some major cleaning.  It was actually nice...but don't think we'll be cancelling her services any time soon.

Then I busied myself cooking up a storm to prep for a week back at work -- greek salads for lunch and chicken & rice casserole for dinner.

Unlike my very productive Sunday this week, a typical fall Sunday at the Otto house looks like this (this was actually Saturday p.m. after O & I returned home)--
Hope you have a great week!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for sending me the link to this, I LOVE the grass cloth, what a perfect idea!! What kind of light did you use in your top shelf, I might have to steal your idea. Thanks again!! xo