Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Fashion I'm Coveting

Every married couple has a different way of making their finances work.  For us I have a set "allowance" each month that I can spend on anything my little heart desires.  That may sound strange, but it works for us (and it's a darn good thing I'm not our CFO!).  That said, Josh likes to give his opinion frequently.  Today on the way to the beach he announced, "You really need some new clothes for fall -- please don't spend your money on more things for the house -- you NEED some more clothes."

Ok, Josh, here are a few items I've been eyeing!

1. Green coats
Love this green cape jacket and Leighton's entire outift!! (green cape - Ralph Lauren Blue Label)
Via La Posh Style $139

2. Fun Tights
via Marc Jacobs $82

3. Vintage Inspired Coats
I am in absolute love with each of these!

via Milly $625

How cute is this child's coat?
via Milly $350

4. Carolina Blue and NC State Red  for football games

via Fashionist (a vintage find...not for sale)

DVF via Shopbop $270

Woodford & Co. via Shopbop $222

5. Sequin dresses (not that this is new, but here are a few I'm coveting!)

6. Neutral Necklaces
via Kate Spade $498 (possibly another of Kate's necklaces I'd like to copy!)

7.  Favorite Boots

8. Bags
Rachel Zoe via Neimans $595

via Kate Spade $225 (this is for my Chi O ladies!)

9. Fun Flats
via JCrew $148

via JCrew $250

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