Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New House??

Well, for now we are settling for a freshly stripped, primed and painted Gray Lady.

Here is the house soon after Josh purchased it.  Over the last few years the paint has looked HORRIBLE. 100 years of paint needed to be sanded down to the wooden boards -- quite the project.

This is how we left it when we headed to Charlotte before Christmas (primed).

We wanted to keep it gray, but a cleaner looking, less brown gray.  See the difference in the before and after color on the right?

Here she is in her freshly painted glory (now we just need to get the porch back in order and remove the lovely dead geraniums!).
The paint really changes colors at different points in the day-- here it is this morning

Of course now we need a new tin roof over the porch.  The joys of home ownership never end. :)

Have a great weekend!!  We are excited to be in Raleigh with very little plans.


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  1. The new paint looks quite lovely. A fresh coat to start the new year with a refreshing step in the right direction. The house looks grand. Congrats, and have fun with that home!