Monday, January 30, 2012

Advance on my allowance, please

I was supposed to be out shopping for a desk, but when I came across this chest at Studio123 and the price was about 1/4 the price I was expecting (and that was before the 20% off sale) -- I lost all self-control & quickly convinced myself that I could set up shop at my dining room table (I thought to myself, who needs a desk?) and swiped my card before I could come back to reality. 

Then I got some anxiety that our family CFO, Josh, would not be pleased.  He actually seems to love the chest ALMOST as much as I do.  I was shocked.  He was actually happy that I spent my allowance mid-way through the previous month.  Weird.  Who is this man masquerading as my husband?

He didn't even really complain about moving the old chest out and the new chest in...

Thankfully, Josh & I both love the piece and will have it in our home for many years to come.  No buyer's remorse this time.

Before and after of the whole room coming soon.

Lamps, table skirt and a few other accessories -- coming with a future allowance! :)


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