Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Neon Necklace Surpirse = Twinsies

Bailey was killing time at Southpoint last night before a girls' dinner and found this necklace -- she picked up one for herself and was sweet enough to surprise me with one this a.m.!

It combines a lot of things I am loving: pink, NEON, rope, gold and color blocking (well, sort of).  It will be so fun to wear all spring and summer (and to cheer up a dull winter outfit like today).

I don't think she intended for me to put it on at work to make us twinsies, but I did it anyway.

Bay- won't you miss having me at McKinney to harass you?!
Notice how our cream shirts even have the little button and strap to hold the sleeves up. :)

Thank you for being so thoughtful, Bay!


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