Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Office Quest Begins

I made a very bittersweet decision and gave my notice a few weeks ago.  Luckily for me (and hopefully McKinney) we decided I'd stay on almost 5 more weeks.  Now I'm down to only two more weeks at McKinney before I begin my next chapter.  More to come on that later....but I will be working from home, when I'm not on the road.  Exciting and scary!!!  Like I said, more to come on regarding details and reflections, but in the meantime, let's focus on something exciting...I get to dream about fun items for a home office.

Remember, we are still in limbo-mode on our home search.  Fingers crossed!  In the meantime I'll have to carve out a corner of our guest room.

The first item I need is a desk!

Perhaps something fun with lots of color to cheer me up when I'm all by my lonesome?
via 1st Dibs
turquoise bamboo french writing desk

via Pinterest
turquoise secretary desk
Or maybe something with some fancier gold hardware that could easily find a place in a formal living room or hallway one day?

French Writing Desk  via Dovecote Decor
blakc ad gold desk
another French writing desk via Dovecote Decor
mahogany and gold desk
What if I paint an item like this an unexpected color (a steal from Craig's list!)?  Or leave as is and get a fun & more modern chair and lamp?

Decisions, decisions.

Here are some other stunning offices.  The trouble is trying to think both short-term (crammed in guest room corner) and long-term (hopefully a full room dedicated to Office Otto).
via Decorpad - Kelly Wearstler Office

via Decorpad - Kimberly Ayres
painted light blue desk, blue and gold desk, teal grasscloth walls
via Lonny Mag / Decorpad
Lonny Mag office
via Decorpad
frensh gray distressed desk
Josh just came down and glanced over my shoulder and said, "Honey, that's not a work desk, that is a vanity thing."   What does he know? :)
via Decorpad / House Beautiful
House Beautiful home office and desk
via Decorpad - Molly Sims home office

via Decorpad

Besides the turquoise lacquered desks at the beginning of the post, I also keep going back to white lacquered desk -- crisp and clean.
via Decorpad

And one of my all time favorites -- interior designer Mary McDonald's office.  It's combining a lot of my favorite elements -- white lacquered desk, symmetrical lamps, collage wall, turquoise, pair of velvet chairs.

I know, I know...a lot of these ideas may not be practical for actually working (and when would it actually be these clean and "styled??"), but a girl can dream, right?

Going to Studio123's sale tomorrow in hopes of finding some goodies 50% off!

If I don't find anything, I'll be working like this--
Who can have a bad day with an assistant like Olive?

Have a great weekend!



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