Monday, January 23, 2012

Desk DIY Inspiration

As a refresher -- this is the corner of  my guest room that will become my "home office."

Olivia approved of the fabric.

Here is the small desk that I snagged from Revival Antiques.  After purchasing a chest (unexpectedly, but could NOT pass it up!) I needed a good bargain!  I am pleased -- it has good lines with Frenchie legs, so I'm seeing some potential.

This is my mood board that I'm using for my inspiration.

My guest room fabrics don't warrant quite the blue turquoise I was going for, but what do you think of the middle color (the whole paint chip sheet looks greener in the photo than real life)?  I originally asked for the one second from top, but it turned out lighter than I hoped.  You can see where I tested it by putting it on the lightest sample.

If I go back and have them add more color tomorrow should I have the color turn our to be the second from the top or go for the third from the top?  I think I'm going with "Aloe" -- third on this sheet, but would it be prettier to do a shade lighter?

For the record-- when I was filling in a few chips on the desk with wood putty yesterday Josh said, "Oh, I see it's arts and crafts time, Trickster!"-- he makes it sound like I'm gluing macaroni on construction paper.  He obviously doesn't take the projects as seriously as yours truly. :)


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