Monday, January 2, 2012

New Tradition for NYE

AB always makes for a fun NYE.  There were about 16 of our friends down there and we had a blast!  I didn't take many pictures, but did capture something that you should try -- it is going to be our new tradition!

Josh at first thought the entire idea was "corny" (sorry, Mom), but he came around!  My mom bought flying Chinese lanterns for all of us for Christmas.  I was hoping to have everyone write a little something...but that became too tricky logistically since we were staying at a few different houses.

Andrew & Laura were staying with us, so we each wrote our resolutions on one of the lanterns (this is the part that Josh refused to participate Andrew and I made his up).

We went to dinner and the bar -- I only have a few pics of Kiki and Chris with us and then my camera died.

Then came back and released our lanterns around 1:30 a.m. These pics are courtesy of Laura and my iPhone.
(we ignored the "don't drink alcohol when operating" warning!)
The boys high-fiving.  The Otto's condo is right next to a hotel and the balconies were full of people cheering as each lantern took off.
So fun and something I plan to do each NYE!

You can buy your own here.

Hope your 2012 is the best year yet!


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  1. This is too funny, I received some of these lanterns (in pink!) for my graduation last summer and we tried to set them off on the beach with no such luck! Might have to order some more and try again!