Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Office Otto"

I tried to resist, but I was moved into an office at work.

Sadly it doesn't look like these beauties.
by Mary McDonald

Don't you love the way they painted the back of the bookshelves?  I'm going to try this or wallpaper somewhere in my house.  via Pinterest

I'm not very modern, but I'm liking the lucite furniture.  I love the juxtaposition of the chair paired w/ the ornate desk. via Pinterest

First of all -- the McKinney offices are a little more like closets, hence one reason for my protest.  They do that intentionally so you will use the rest of the GORGEOUS office space.  The atmosphere is a little bit like a movie...come visit and see for yourself. (Rachel does it!!)

I got hyper and forgot to take a true before, but here is the middle of my move -- a big mess (sorry for the quality...BB photo).

Remember the cheap frame I bought at Ikea a few weekends months (can someone please tell me how it is mid August??) ago?  I decided it was going to be painted glossy white and put in my office.  This was one of those projects that hit a few speedbumps --
1. the glass in the frame broke
2. a summer afternoon thunderstorm popped up and rained on it as it was supposed to be drying
3.  see for yourself -- some birds got a little too close

I found this quote on one of my favorite interior design blogs and fell in love.  I added a little Pink Elephant logo to it and now I can stare at it every day...keeping me happy and motivated.

I visited my sweet mother-in-law's attic for some goodies I could borrow.  I used some green spray paint and ta-da!

Here are a few more views of how it's looking today.

The lovely elephant bookends are courtesy of Jean's too!

See that Excel worksheet on my computer?  Wouldn't you want some cheerful colors surrounding you too -- I think I'd go crosseyed if I didn't have something else to look at from time to time.

Sorry for being has been kicking my booty again.  In a good way, of course.


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