Friday, August 12, 2011

Jean's Classic Glamour and Livable Elegance

My mother-in-law, Jean, has a gorgeous home.  I should dedicate a post to taking you on a tour soon.  Borrowing some terms from Mary McDonald, her formal rooms like living and dining room exude a "classic glamour" and the remainder of the house should be described as "livable elegance." She's not afraid to add a bold statement piece and like me, she LOVES pink.

She recently has been working on her guest room. 

BEFORE (chandelier had already been hung and new lamps on bedside tables purchased):


I LOVE the gray walls.  Drapes are Manuel Canovas (decorator Susan Tollefsen helped her order and get made), lamps are from Robert Corprew's Antique shop (Raleigh) and chandelier is from Alooma's Antiques in 5 Points (Raleigh). Robert lacquered the bedside table on the right.  She is looking for something to put on the left that is a bit taller and will have it white as well.  Her friend and decorator, Susan Tollefsen, helped her order the fabric and was a constant source of encouragement for Jean. :)  Go visit Susan's cute shop if you are in Raleigh -- The Fort -- off Progress close to intersection of Whitaker Mill and Wake Forest Rd.

 The 4 white sconces are also from Robert.  They now hold 4 plates like the top two -- plates from Acquisitions in Raleigh.

One next item to complete is finding fabrics to cover the bench seat and make pillows.

Here are some ideas I found for Jean's bench -- I love these pillows (from SLC Design Home)

These too -- from same home.  I'm trying to do some sleuth work to find out who makes the gray and white fabric.

Now let's move to a project in her upstairs hallway (outside of guest room above).

Lacquering seems to be all the rage and I like it.

People are lacquering floors



and even celings
and LOTS of chairs

Jean has been walking around her house for the last few months wondering what in the world she can lacquer.  She debated doing a wall in the butler's pantry and many pieces of furniture around the house.  In the end she netted on some chairs.  I wish I had a before....picture the wood painted black and a fabric that was a white and black textured leopard fabric.

Now look at them!!!  I love the ostrich leather fabric (similar to Big Budda purse beside it).

Here they are in the hallway -- the other items remain traditional and understated.  I'm lucky to have such a fun mother-in-law, huh?

Robert painted these chairs as well -- go see him and his shop!  He does great work!!  It's on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Whitaker Mill in Raleigh.

The other night when I was over my father-in-law, Larry, brought me up a glass of wine...
...someone wants grandkids big time!  He was cleaning out the basement and tied Josh's baby shoes around the stem.

Then we were off to celebrate Landon's graduation -- I'm so proud of him for getting his MBA.  Ignore the fact that his eyes are shut -- he must have been sleepy from too much studying.

Off to go sit on the cloudy beach with the Otto clan before having to call into a meeting at 2.



  1. Those chairs are insane. I think I need to meet this Mr. Robert.

  2. He is awesome!!! Robert painted my kitchen cabinets and setee in my bedroom that I've put on the blog. The man can do anything. You'd fall in love with everything in his shop!

  3. I cannot wait to go see Robert!!! I just laquered a lamp myself and probably should have had him do it!! He is fabulous!