Sunday, August 14, 2011

Den Drape Dilemma

Our den has definitely made progress, but it is still not a room I LOVE....especially considering we probably spend the most time here (awake time, that is).  I can't put my finger on what the issue is -- still too dark? not enough color?

Would drapes help?

I have been thinking about how much drapes finish a room.  AND I keep finding myself drawn to drapes (and pillows) with a ribbon detail like these...

I can't remember where I found this image-- I've had it for ages!

Sometimes I can't picture as well as I'd like in my I turn to PowerPoint (because I don't have photoshop) for help.

Josh was laughing at my skills and asked if I could move O into the other picture...

Here she is relaxing in her new room, kind of.

Maybe I can make my own drapes and cornices (with the help of my wonderful mom!!!). 

Then I started thinking about how I keep wanting a small gold and glass coffee table and began doing a little more work in PowerPoint:

The third coffee table background was really not cooperating...but I noticed this online at Pier1 a few months ago (now on sale for even better price).  It has a lot of potential I think -- and I love the second shelf.  Here is what I have in mind for this (or a similar) bargain.

Mom-- maybe we should add this to the list of things I'd like to do next weekend while I'm home.


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