Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Charlotte

Bailey and I headed to Charlotte this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Friday I headed out with some friends from high school -- so nice to catch up with those girls!!  We ate dinner at Nolen Kitchen -- yummy, but a mouse ran over my foot.  The management was not amused by us squealing on top of chairs, but what did they expect from 10 girls.  Pretty much the whole restaurant joined in...
I thought the mouse was cute and was trying to make sure they didn't kill him.  The management was also not amused by me trying to help them catch the mouse and insisting I'd take him outside.

Then we headed to good ol' Selwyn for drinks.

 (Ellen - sadly, you were already home by the time my camera came out!!). 

When we are all at home there are FIVE dogs running around.  It is a bit like a kennel, but it's really fun.  I made the dogs pose in the window seat on Saturday night.  How cute is this picture? (Bailey and I gave Olivia a haircut -- not too shabby!)

Cockers only...

You may remember from my father's day post a few weeks ago that my mom had her friend's daughter paint my dad a portrait of his beloved Ethel.  Well she had Eloise done and has them hanging in the kitchen together.  They are darling and so reasonable!!  Bailey had Maysie's done as well and is just holding it up in the below picture.  I need to decide what color I want Olivia's background and get hers commissioned ASAP.

Begrudgingly I went to IKEA with mom, dad & Bailey -- you can actually pick through all of the modern minimalist designed pieces to find a few useful things.  I picked up this frame which I intend to turn into a corkboard -- only $29.  I'm spray painting it a glossy white to put either in our laundry room (our refrigerator is overflowing with wedding party invites) or put in my office.  I love the shape and the price.  I'll post once I finish that project.

Looking forward to a short week -- we head to the beach on Thursday for a long weekend!


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