Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday in Charlotte

At Ellen and Scott's Wedding a few weeks ago!

I am home this weekend for a dear high school friend's (Lauren Jetton) wedding!  I'll share a full recap of the gorgeous wedding weekend tomorrow or Monday.

In the meantime, we squeezed in some quality time and some projects.

First- my mom and I took a go at creating the "perfect poached eggs" -- the light and fluffy kind you just drop into water and vinegar.

Watch this video and you too can master it!

We served on the 100 calorie deli flats and it was a yummy and fairly healthy breakfast that kept me full.

Next, we started a home project.  They moved a little chest that was in the sunroom into the den, so we needed to fill the space where the chest used to reside -- BUT it's kind of hidden so she didn't want to break the bank.

Homegoods $39, yes please.  We liked the lines and we needed something that was very narrow so this was just the ticket -- with a little DIY love, of course.

So we headed to Sherwin-Williams (a McKinney client!) and purchased some primer and paint.

We primed...

Then painted it cream

Then rubbed a little "rub and buff" antique gold paint on the detail
The color is much creamier than it appears in the photo

Now she just needs to find a fun knob.  It's still drying or I'd show you how it looks in the room.

Speaking of the room, this is one of my all time favorite places.  My dad used to own a general contracting company and so he and a few of his best guys built it with their own hands about 15 years ago.

Notice a sneaky schnauzer running by the door!!!

The bar is one of my very favorite details -- hand built as well.  Notice the "coco-cola" bottle thick glass top.

It creates a little place for my dad to store lots of little treasures -- old and new.  It is a great conversation piece and something we all love looking in to reminisce.

Another favorite detail in the room is the two built in window seats.  I've taken many naps there!

Meanwhile, O just got home from the Blue Velvet with a very fancy haircut and green bows.

Ok off to get ready for the wedding!!


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