Tuesday, July 31, 2012

50 Shades of BLUE

My long awaited kitchen chandelier arrived and was hung a week or so ago.  It isn't turquoise, per se, but it isn't exactly a light Carolina blue that I was hoping would blend with lots of blue & white china like my original inspiration board shows:
And uploading this picture just reminded me of another snafu...these Chiavari bar stools arrived and looked wayyyy too plastic!  Word of advice -- don't get hyper like me and order resin -- order wood!  Well, when FedEx quoted me $600+ to send them back I decided to have Robert Corprew lacquer them black for me.  In hindsight, black is probably better anyways, there is plenty of white in that kitchen! :)  Can't wait to see them this Friday.

The chandelier also had a bent arm.  Still working with Greenfront to figure out what Currey is going to do to fix it. :)  I really do love the light and think it is a great statement, but it hasn't been the easiest part of this renovation project.

I'm thinking I'll just add in some Majolica and various shades of blue glasses (Anthropologie) to have it all blend.

What do you think?

Cannot believe we are moving this Friday.  This! Friday!  Ahhh....off to pack more boxes while watching women's gymnastics.


PS- I'm still fuming slightly....someone stole a pair of our painted shutters out of the garage.  How strange and rude is that?!  


  1. I love all of the blue mixed together!! I love Majolica but have always been worried the style wouldn't mix well with other things I own. Love it with your blue and white china and Anthropologie glasses

  2. Whit! How did the move go? I wish I was nearby, and I would help you!
    And love where you're headed with the various shades of blue!

    mk & Gwynnie

  3. Hi there, I am also in Raleigh and a friend sent me your blog. I have a question about the height of the chiavari barstools: I am wanting to get some in black, but I noticed the seat is 30" tall. How did they work for you? Our counter height is 35", so I'm a bit nervous about the spacing, etc. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi! Make sure you order counter height stools as opposed to bar height. It really won't work if you order bar height. It was so uncomfortable. I learned that the hard way! Good luck!