Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We survived the move

We made it with all of our stuff and sweet pup to our new house.  Thanks so much to our family and friends for already helping it feel like home with their visits and endless hours of packing and unpacking.

Just some cabinet and other random punch work left.  Can't say enough good things about Gephart Hill.  If you are considering renovations or building you need to call these guys -- absolute class act & pleasure to work with on this project.  

Here are a few pics I snapped of our weekend:
My strong father-in-law was able to fix our chandelier by bending the very bent arm back to the correct position.  I am so happy it didn't break!
Then Saturday mom, dad & Bailey arrived to help.  Mom & Bailey unpacked my kitchen while Dad was put to work doing some hanging.  
We had a fun Otto / Collins joint family dinner Saturday night.
Better late than never -- 6 weeks late, but mom finally got her gift and cake (thanks to Jean for making the cake!).
One of my besties, Caroline, was a honorary Collins for the night!
After giving Josh a hard time for taking it easy on Friday (how did I end up at the old house with the movers while he was relaxing at the new house with DirecTV?) :)  He MORE than made up for it Sunday by spending hours in the yard in the rain.
And then we all felt exactly like Olive in this picture!

I've already done one DIY that has received mixed results...will share in the next few days to get some HONEST feedback.



  1. The house looks amazing! Wow I can't believe you already have your china displayed and really are a go-getter!

  2. Your house looks great Whitney - love the color of the shutters!