Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green with Envy

I have always been a green girl.  I think most of the women in my family are -- we love to wear it, it's our first choice when decorating and some of us even have green eyes to make it all the more appealing with our dark hair. 

My love for the emerald / Kelly variety has been elevated to new levels in 2011.  The Golden Globes started it, and my girl Pippa sent it into the realm of complete adoration and obsession.

I love this season's inclusion of the color in fashion -- clothes and accessories.

I adore the versatility of the color on fine china (I have a slightly lighter version in mine with the Herend Queen and Princess Victoria patterns)

It's great for all seasons of stationary and household accessories. 

It's bold, crisp and cheerful on furniture

Striking and elegant on wallpaper

You can achieve the same effect, albeit more subtle, with just small pops of the color in a room.

I'm still on my search for a great green dress, but in the meantime I'm going to order that $38 ring I've been eyeing for months at Anthropologie.  It has the same effect as the coveted Elizabeth Locke rings that can set you back $5k!


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