Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Headboard Project

My parents, Bailey and I headed up to the new Homegoods in north Raleigh on Sunday.  I have been searching and searching for a screen to make into a headboard for the guest room.  I really wanted something old, but to date they've all been very expensive or just junk.  The closest thing I found to my vision was this $600 screen at Printer's Alley.  A bit pricey considering there is more to my vision than the screen alone...

At Homegoods I stumbled across this gem (I'm telling you...there is a vision, don't worry)

Not quite finished!

Finished product

Josh came home from playing golf and said, "It's very creative and I'm proud of you, but does it look a little bit like an artifact?"  While I don't know about that...there is something about the harshness of the shape (or maybe the chocolate brown frame) that I'm not crazy about. 

I want to also add a crown / valence like one of these to soften the bed a bit.  Ignore the fact that some of the pics are actually canopies -- the idea is to have some flowing fabric behind and above the headboard to make it cozier and more romantic (and of course, feminine!).

What do you think?

Architectural Digest

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Bunny Williams' house in Provence (too frufru)

Elizabeth Dinkel via Veranda (love this one!)

Jan Showers

Jan Showers

Mrs. Howard

I'll show more of how this room has transformed tomorrow.  We are making progress, but still have a lot to do!


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