Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hyper Hammering

After working out I came home to an empty house tonight (Josh was at a summer clerk event).  I made an angel food cake for a bday at work tomorrow and in getting out my bundt pan discovered some antique plates I hadn't hung since college (don't worry, these weren't something I would have been heartbroken if broken on a Saturday night in Chapel Hill).  They were close in color to the fabric in the guest room headboard.  I took a hammer and went up to the guest room...

(The long ago before -- the chair pictures were something I picked up for $20 in Charlotte at Brass Exchange and something I've been debating on hanging)

I've also been trying to find a place for this pair of sconces.  Beginning my junior year of college until I got the headboard made for my master bedroom they hung by my bed and served as "bedside tables."  I really do love them.

My bedroom today without the sconces.  I adore the headboard, but I have missed those sconces!!

I held them up and started hammering.  Some "slight" measuring was done...resulting in one or two more holes than necessary (I told you it was hyper hammering).

Corner Look #1

Then I haphazardly added the plates (one is technically a bowl) above the chair pictures.

Corner Look #2

I wanted the plates to tie in another color, but I think I prefer the look without them.
Any thoughts?

I know the sconces may be a bit heavy for the chair and corner, but I'm not sure I care.

I guess I'll think on it for a few days.


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