Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' Day Dinner

We celebrated with my dad last weekend and tonight we had the Otto family over.  We had a very summery meal and I tried a few new items.

We started with a refreshing summer cocktail.  I stole (oops) these mason jars from the Tide's Inn in VA during Julia's bachelorette a few weekends ago and recreated their "Lancaster Lemonade"

1 shot vodka (sadly, we were fresh out so I used rum and it was equally delicious)
1 shot Limoncello
Fill glass with ice cubes
Pour (diet) Ginger Ale over ice
Add crushed mint leaves and squeezed lemon slides
Garnish with lemon and mint sprig

Larry enjoyed his! :)

For dinner our menu consisted of: Josh's barbeque chicken (it looks slightly charred, but it was actually moist and delicious), butter beans and au gratin potatoes.

The potatoes before they went into the oven

Slice potatoes very thin.  Spray baking dish.  Place one layer of potatoes in dish.  Sprinkle freshly grated Gruyere cheese on top.  (I also buy a bag of the "6 Blend Italian Cheeses" and mix that in with each layer).  Continue layering potatoes, cheese, potatoes, cheese.  End with a layer of potatoes on top.  In small bowl wisk 1 c. heavy cream with salt and pepper.  Pour the cream mixture over the potatoes evenly.  Sprinkle 1/8 t. paprika on top.

So yummy!! 

For dessert I was inspired by a grilled peaches recipe in a recent Southern Living.  Cut peaches in half.  Grill for a few minutes on each side (really just to warm).  Fill inside where pit was with black rasberry / butter / mint mixture.  We served with some vanilla ice cream and it was divine.

To make the filling - put 1/2 c. softened butter, 1/4 cup rasberry/blackberry seedless preserves (I used black rasberry) and 1/4 cup mint leaves (chopped very finely) in a bowl and blend until smooth.


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