Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring planting

With weddings and bachelorette parties (yay, Ellen!) the next few weekends, we started our spring planting today.

BEFORE -- looking very sad

More before

The supplies (lots of pink!) -- the pink watering can was an early Easter gift from mom -- the plants are all from Logan's.

The urns were looking a bit faded, so I painted them with some high-gloss paint left over from another project.

The regular little pots seemed boring, so I added some personalization to them.  I've also seen some recently where a little chalk board paint is applied so you can label herbs or plants, but I used paint I had on hand.

A bunny from my grandfather's garden that I tied some ribbons on for Easter.

The porch is now ready for spring!

Much better curb appeal

Off to enjoy a drink on the porch.


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