Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Weekend

We are blessed to have so many friends getting married this year!  We headed to New Bern this weekend for Parker & Drew's wedding.  It was on her parent's property and was gorgeous (the weather held out!!).

I am such a sucker for father / daughter dances.  Parker & her dad were so sweet.

Other couples
Myers & Milt; Lake & Barbara

Josh & I

And friends
(note to self -- use self tanner or get some sun!)

Then we came home to some destruction in Oakwood.  We are lucky that it was only a few trees and limbs down in our yard and thankfully our house and cars were fine. (Mom- these pics are for you!)

We also came home to a dog who wanted a Bojangles biscuit.  She braved the storm on her own (then Bailey came and rescued her) so we figured she deserved it. :)

Off to Columbus for work and then another fun wedding this weekend (in Chapel Hill).

Sorry if this post was a total snoozefest!  I wanted to use it to show my sweet mom some pics.


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