Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY Chair Recovering

I have completed (with help) my first recovering projects on some chairs around the house.  These were easy projects, but I want to learn how to do some more complicated items.

I'm working on my guest room (no pics to share yet) and found these chairs for a steal ($75) -- they just needed a little recovering.  I used some left over fabric from the back of Euro shams I had made for the room.  The guest room redesign is working around the beautiful cow rug you see pictured below (such a sweet wedding gift from Gray, Ellen & their parents).

Black and gold chair.  I spotted this in the window of Style 123 on a Sunday and knew I'd have to go back to buy it.  I love it!  It's recovered in some left over fabric from my mother-in-law's dining room chairs (thanks, Jean!!).  She actually bought one of the chairs too.  I'm hoping when we move into another house I can talk her into parting with it so I have a pair.  I know they advise you to decorate in odds, but I can't help it-- I love symmetry.  For now this will likely end up in our foyer, thought I've been admiring it in the den the last week.  (Mom-- I bet you are loving this!)

The chair on the left was about 9-10x more money than the chair on the right.  Can you tell too much of a difference?  I love the one of the left, but I'm thinking mine is achieving the same look.

The "superintendent" was not too hard at work for this project...

Heading to the Carolina Inn for another wedding weekend tomorrow!  (PS- Josh ended up getting it last night for a steal on at $80/night-- try that website if you haven't!!)


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