Monday, April 4, 2011

Our kitchen makeover

So maybe I should have showed you pictures of the work we've been doing in our little kitchen BEFORE posting ones that were created by some of the best designers & have graced the pages of Veranda.  Oh well, too late!  It does contain some of the elements I love about a kitchen -- a crystal chandelier and creamy cabinets.

The BEFORE (this was shortly after we were was actually worse prior to that!)


The cabinets were painted and glazed on Christmas Eve!  I love how much lighter it makes the kitchen.
Olive spotting!!

Chandelier was a great deal from Antiques at Five Points and a Christmas present from my sweet parents.  I love the acorn at the bottom to represent the "city of oaks."  The entire store is very reasonable.

The kitchen table and chairs came from Asheville and were DIRT cheap (less than $300 for the 4 chairs and table after Jean did her sweet talking and they are in great condition).  I'm recovering them soon to spruce them up a bit, but the fabric is ok short-term.

The detail on the back of the chairs is similar to some Oscar de la Renta created.

I fell in love with Rachel's terrarium she had on her island and my thoughtful mother-in-law purchased me one for Christmas. 

Conversation piece -- on the Showcase of Kitchen's one of the designers said, "it's important for every kitchen to have something fascinating and unique -- a conversation piece."  Ours is this unusual metal for-sale sign that I snagged up and had my father-in-law hang once Josh purchased the house.  I plan to take it with me whenever we move as a little momento from our first house.

All hardware came from Anthropologie.  Robert Corprew and his crew painted the cabinets, but he said, "Whitney, my guys did a good job, but it is the hardware that really makes all the difference."  I think he's right and I'm glad I ended up deciding to invest a little more there.

The pulls

The knobs

Owl knobs -- I decided to mix these in after finding them and thinking they looked like Herend.  I have 2 over the sink and 2 over the stove.  I get more compliments on these than anything else in the room!

The next two projects in here are having curtains made (I have the fabric) and getting the chairs recovered (I have the fabric there too)...


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