Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dining room drapes are up!

After months of saving and debating and waiting, my dining room drapes were finally installed last week.  I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  Fabric and labor all with the help of Printers Alley.  Raleigh peeps - I also have a new friend if you need any window installations -- so reasonable and nice! 

They are a gray and white silk buffalo check even though they look more striped in the pic below.  I stuck with the Restoration Hardware Estate Crystal in brass window hardware as originally planned and was impressed with the quality.  The installer joked they were so sturdy that Josh could do pull-ups on them.

Even Josh came in and raved about how he loved the drapes and they were "staying up forever."  Let's not get too carried away...  

Sadly, the Warsa linen that I blogged about in the last post was discontinued and the pink they sent me is WAY too little girl's room -- not the look I'm going for at all.  

I am now leaning towards doing a fun fabric on two chairs that will spend most of their time in the single windows and doing a darker gray on the 6 around the table.  When we pull up the two they can be positioned opposite each other to act as the "head seats."  What do you think?  The tweed is Schumacher's Babe's Tweed in Maraschino.  The gray is a $15 / yd fabric from Mill Outlet -- so two splurge, six for a steal = win!

We've come a long way since last February, which I keep reminding myself with this picture since I feel like we are moving at a snail's pace sometimes.

I'm currently saving up for the chairs so we can have those complete before the holiday season.  Then I'll start thinking about lighting and a rug.  It definitely doesn't happen over night!

Off to Charleston tomorrow for a wedding and so looking forward to it after 4 days on the road for work.  Maybe I'll even pick up some first items for Otto Bean.



  1. LOVE the drapes!!! Have fun in Charleston, hate we will miss you in Charlotte tomorrow night!

  2. The drapes look great!! Love your white chairs too. Did Robert do those, or did you find them like that? I think I am going to need help with my set.

  3. Get modern drapes in style & colors to boost your room. The drapes look great!!