Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend recap: Red Cross Ball & "Diving Board" Dogstress

One of my best friends, Julia, was in town for an engagement party and stayed with us this weekend.  I loved having her here!!

This was Saturday before her party and before we headed off to the Red Cross Ball.

I recycled an old, old dress (circa early college).  No new dresses in this girl's near future!  Clearly Josh still loves a pink tie -- looks almost identical.

A little photo booth fun at the Ball.

Lots of framing and demo is happening at the house.  It's amazing how much work and progress we see each night when we head over there.  I can't say enough good things about Gephart Hill -- they are just awesome.

The dogstress found a new perch....she proceeded to jump off it like a diving board and Josh and I put her back up there encouraging her to do it again.  What does this say about the type of parents we will be?!?!

This video isn't cooperating...


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