Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy homecoming

I've never been more excited to come home from vacation.  Don't get me wrong -- the trip was awesome (a few highlights to come!), but besides wanting to see my little 4 legged BFF I couldn't wait to see what progress they'd made on the renovations.

We received the following two pictures on the trip -- can't say enough good things about the builders.  How nice of them to send us a few little updates of their hard work?!

Here is what we found today upon our return.  They were working very hard.  So exciting!

It's good to be home.

Off to bed.



  1. Whitney! This is seriously my dream home! It is going to be stunning when you are done with it. I cannot wait to see how everything turns out! You must have me over for dinner when it is done.

    1. Ha! I need you to come see it now so you can see the current shape...then of course I'll have you over for dinner. We will probably be sitting on the floor though!! :)