Saturday, April 7, 2012

The scary, scary inside!

So "tomorrow" turned into almost a week later.  Sorry for the delay.  I have overextended myself a bit -- new real job, new part-time job (details to come in a few weeks!!) and new renovation with lots of research to do and decisions to be made.  Enough with the excuses, without further ado, here are some photos of the interior of our new home.

Let's go on a tour!  Remember, I warned you it's scary.  An eighty-year-old man was residing in the home and his new bride didn't want to move in -- shocker. :)

After demo started in the kitchen (you'll see a lot of Josh in these photos)

Dining Room
I wish I had a close up of the wallpaper -- it's really too bad that it's in bad condition because in some places I see that it was elegant and interesting in its heyday.  You can see more floral wallpaper peeking out underneath in some places.

More of the 4' wide door!
Demo began in the foyer, too.

Living Room
The two doors on either side of the fireplace lead out to the screen porch (Josh's favorite room!).
Things like the sconces may be staying for a while.  On the right you can see the 4 windows going across the front that we loved (in dining room too).

Screen Porch
More of Josh examining his favorite part of the house!

The previous owner must have began painting in the home.  Isn't that wall horrifying?  Is that black mold??

Two of the bedrooms.  Notice the wallpaper that has been framed -- it too is in terrible condition (but wouldn't be keeping it anyways).

Master Bedroom
This is the current master, but we'll be adding a new master over the new den/kitchen so this will become the guest room (or as my parents refer to it "their room").  It has access to the roof of the screen porch which is nice.  Mind you, there are no railings.

Full Bathroom
You know I love pink -- but pink toilet, pink vanity, pink tub, pink tile and pink trim is a bit much for me!  All of this bathroom has already been ripped out.
Aren't you jealous of that dolphin border!  More wallpaper in terrible shape.

Half Bath
You can see the demo in progress on the right.

So that's the tour!  A lot has happened since I took these pictures, but there is SO. MUCH. TO. DO.  I'm decisive, but the amount of decisions and research can overwhelm anyone.  Thank God for our fantastic builders with our weekly status meetings -- this little Type-A is very pleased to know they like a schedule.

Who wants to be my first guest?


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  1. How much fun your house looks like it is going to be amazing! xo