Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have we lost it?

Sorry for the delay on this...

I'm so excited, but we may have lost it.  Still not sure how I got Josh to see my vision!

First -- we know this is going to be a big project and undertaking and rest assured I won't be trying to make it a complete DIY adventure.  Afterall, there are codes and inspections to pass!  I'll let the pictures speak (mostly) for themselves.  

Second -- I will not let this completely dominate the blog, but I do plan to make this the way my mom & dad keep up, it's the easiest way -- so you've been warned.  :)

Third -- interior pictures to come soon, but let's take a tour around the outside first.  Just like I did when I was scoping it out.

From far away - it's not too shabby.  The landscaping needs some major love.  I am thankful for the giant magnolia tree in front right side of yard and am praying the oak in the front is not dead (it has black bark!).

One thing we fell in love with were the big windows and loads of natural light every where.  As you can see, the windows need a some major TLC, but the old glass will remain.  Then there's the front door -- labeled the "most interesting door in Raleigh" by our builder friends -- it is at least 4' wide (here it's covered by 2 smaller storm doors).  The two color paint job was an interesting choice.

A little cleaning up has already started as you can see below (back side of house).  Just the very tip of the iceberg.

There is a little garage structure in the backyard.  It's kind of in the middle of the yard, which is not ideal.

Here is the side view from driveway (L) and garage from the second floor (R).

And Josh's favorite feature -- a sizable screen porch off the living room (sorry for the bad iPhone photo, I don't have a better one of the outside).

First impression - have we lost it or are you seeing some potential from the outside?

I'll post some inside pics tomorrow -- that's where it gets really scary.  I mean it.

Hope to be moved in by late summer / early fall.



  1. You have not lost it at all! I can totally see the potential, and the process will be So fun! Are you going to make that mini house in the yard a home office / studio? Olivia is going to love that yard!

    mk & Gwynnie

    1. Wait until you see the inside -- it's a scary dungeon! The "mini house" will be returned to a two car garage. My office will be on of the bedrooms!

  2. We are looking at buying a fixer upper as well. I look forward to watching your progres! It's going to be worth it! Best of luck;)