Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Obsession - Swank Vintage Murano Glass Lamps

WHY do these have to be so expensive?!  I am absolutely smitten.  Unless we win the lottery, I'll just have to enjoy pictures of the eye candy online.  Most of these duos cost more than I could sell my car for today.

(above lamps - left to right)
Crimson & Frost Pulled Feather Acidato by AVEM, $2,400/pr.
Robins Egg Blue by Barovier & Toso, $3,400/pr.
Multi-Colored Stacked Murano Font by BALBOA, $3,200/pr. 
Crimson & White Circus Tent Stripe by AVEM, $2,800/pr.

How about these for my den?
SOLD (link)

Or these?
$5,600 (link)

Perhaps these for my bedroom?
$6,900 (link)

Or these?
$3,750 (link)

Guest room?
$5,250 (link)

Pretty pink.
$5,900 (link)

Ok...back to reality!


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