Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bubble Gum Bean

We came home from a quick dinner at Zoe's and discovered O ate an entire pack of sugar free gum.  Thankfully (for me), a dear friend from McKinney (hi, BB!), had gone through this with her dogs or I wouldn't have thought anything of it.  

If your dog ever gets into sugar free gum, it likely contains Xylitol which can be highly toxic to dogs.  Sure enough, it was the second ingredient listed in the tiny remaining scrap of a pack that the Bean devoured.

I called our vet and they instructed she be taken to the emergency vet.  They induced vomiting and have now coated her tummy in charcoal (little OD girl!).  So thankful we got her there quickly.  She will be there overnight so they can give her fluids and keep checking all her vitals, then transported to her regular vet for another 12 hours in the morning -- serious stuff, that Xylitol.

Just wanted to warn everyone else who may not know how dangerous sugarfree gum is for pets.

No more impulse buys for me at the drugstore or grocery!


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