Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lacquered-Like Turquoise Desk Project

Patience is not one of my virtues, particularly when it comes to projects.  I get too hyper and want instant gratification.  This time, I really tried to take the advice of the helpful Sherwin-Williams man and painted very thin coats of the oil-based paint.  I'm glad my Type-A side overtook my impatient side.

You can start to see how shiny the paint turned out (below).  For anyone wanting to lacquer that doesn't have a commercial sprayer, I highly recommend this as an affordable alternative that gives you the same effect.
how to lacquer furniture
I used my trusty gold leaf paint in "classic gold" for this project.  It is a thin paint that goes on so nicely and dries very fast.
In front of the window where I'll be working beginning next Thursday!

Tomorrow is my last day at McKinney.  This girl is probably going to be crying.  What a great ride it's been!  Thank God I'll get to see these fantastic people lots with my new job. :)

This weekend I have my work cut out for me -- what in the world to do with almost 5 years of work?!

 Accessorizing the desk to come soon!


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