Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little treasure & update on projects (or lack of!)

I did a little Black Friday shopping...although my favorite purchase (a Christmas present I picked out for my parents to give me) may not have been the typical Black Friday electronics purchase.  Typical of Black Friday angst though, as soon as I saw it I did not leave its side until SOLD was written -- I didn't want someone to steal it out from under me.  Paranoid, yes.

Would you believe me if I told you I snagged this beauty for $395?!  Now do you understand why I couldn't walk away?

I recommend if you are local you head over to Revival Antiques (thanks for the reco, Emily Kissee!) to find some true treasures for a bargain!  You can pay about $100 and they will paint and fix it up for you in the finish of your choosing.  Yours truly opted for paying $10 for them to give me a bottle of Restor-a-Finish in mahogany.  The owner guessed the sideboard was from the 1920s -- it's dinged up a little, but nothing too major -- just adds a little charm in my opinion.  Can't wait to pick it up and get to work next weekend!!

Now if you've been to my house, you may be asking yourself how I plan to fit this into my current dining room -- well, I'm not.  We are hopefully moving (more to come once details are concrete).  The "unknown" is killing me -- the planner in me just wants to know NOW if/when/where we will move & the DIYer in me is about to go nuts.  I've put all my projects on hold (like my den drapes that have arrived, but not been hung...) until we know the plan.

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  I am going to be hitting the gym big time this week!  More pics from this weekend to come.


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  1. I had to smile when I saw this post. I passed up your beauty back in September when I was in Revival. I decided I needed more storage than what the buffet provided. I am glad to know it has made its way to a great home!