Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home Tour - Dining Room: Attic + College

Sadly I can't find one solitary picture of what this room looked like pre-me!  It served as a guest room / bar / office.  It was filled with NCSU and Hurricanes "art."  Honestly, it served it's purpose in the bachelor pad. 

In its current state, it is by no means as formal as I'd like it to be, but the mis-matched items work ok for now.  I had to prioritize some other rooms over it.

View from the foyer
I love the French table and chairs Jean (MIL) loaned me.  She wants them back, but I'd love them in a kitchen one day when I have a more formal table and chairs.  The chandelier was in her dining room in her current house when she moved in and so I added a little gold, dusted it off from being stored in her basement and had it hung.  Of course, I'd rather have something with crystal more like my kitchen, but that's a bit formal for the current state of the room.  You can see our Razzle Dazzle Powder Room in the background.

View from the kitchen
The curtains are a very small black and cream silk check.  Jean owed us a little money and she and I made an agreement and had these made. :)  Since we aren't planning to stay here for many more years I don't want to go to the expense of having custom draperies made for every room, but I LOVE them in here.  It makes it look a bit more finished.

Detail of the drapes

Our current china storage (to left of double window)
My sweet (and talented!) dad painted the impressionist peacock painting for me during college -- it was ripped a little when a burglar broke in during our last night of college senior year. 

Here is was during my college days over my desk...

An old black table I also picked up during college serves as our buffet.  The prints and floral arrangement were housewarming gifts from Jean.  I am obsessed with the antique mirrored frames.  I found the pink Murano glass bird in the attic.

Here is the black table back in its Chapel Hill glory

Corner Chelsea House display rack -- one of my favorites pieces in the house and also courtesy of Jean's attic.

From the Chelsea House rack this is the view
Behind the floral painting (found in Jean's basement or attic) is our chimney.  I am so tempted to find out why it's been drywalled up, but a little scared to find out -- our house is 102 after all.  No telling!

Close up of corner

 The green chair has also been with me since jr. year of college

So that's our dining room!  I do enjoy hosting dinners in there.  Next up in that room will be finding a rug -- I want something in the same color pallete as my china (Herend Queen and Princess Victoria in green).

I plan to showcase some of my favorite dining rooms over the next week or so, but wanted you to see ours first before seeing some of the finest.



  1. Love the Herend table setting! Where are the gold charger plates from? They are lovely and look fantastic with the Queen Victoria pattern. You are a amazing decorator!

    1. Those were cheap ruffle gold chargers from Crate & Barrel (I think) about 5 years ago. Thanks for your kind words!