Thursday, July 21, 2011

20-something-year-old grandmother

My sweet co-worker brought me back a bag full of ripe figs from his beach house this week.  I told him one time about how I used to love my grandfather's fig preserves, so he brings me home a bag full each summer.

I called my grandparents up and they graciously relayed the "family recipe" to me one more time.  Originally I was thinking that it would be healthy and "organic"...that was until I saw the amount of sugar and the fact it has jello in it.  Nonetheless, my inner grandma got to work.

3 cups ripe figs
3 cups sugar
2 small boxes strawberry Jello (do not buy the "no sugar" variety)

Heat jars in 200 degree oven.  Place jars in dish with an inch or two of water. (Place lids aside)

Put figs in food processor to grind into small pieces.

Once all figs are ground, place in saucepan with 3 cups of sugar.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

After it comes to boil, add 2 boxes of Jello.  Stir for another 3 minutes.

Remove jelly mixture from heat and jars from oven and set up assembly line.

Ladle jelly into jars.
(Notice my little helper!)

Wipe off rim of jars with wet paper towel prior to screwing lid on.  Let cool on rack -- lids will seal while cooling.

I then labeled with the date (saves 6 months) and tied some ribbons around the top.

In my "assembly" picture above you may have noticed some beautiful lilies -- those are courtesy of my sweet (and single!) brother-in-law, Jason! 


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