Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bookshelf in Need of a Little Love

I have a love hate relationship with my den bookcases.  I love that they hold a lot of little treasures and memories and my mom did a great job helping me style them when I moved in with the random accessories from all over my old house -- but I think I need to be on the lookout for a few new frames & accessories to get them a bit more uniform for my liking!  

One thing I love is wallpapering the back of bookshelves or furniture.  Do you think that will help make it appear a bit more monochromatic and tie it together?  Am I overthinking the need for order on these shelves?

Let's look at a few visuals.

Here is the right side on move in weekend:

The view of the den from the living room doors (a "real-life, non-styled" day in Aug) -- notice the blue in the breakfast room, but everything else is pretty beige:

View from the adjoining kitchen:

More what the mantel looks like now (although Raleigh painting is now framed and pumpkins are gone!)

Not too long ago I finally got the pillows made for my couch.  The sample had been lying on the couch since Edenton Street!

I remembered a few weeks ago that I still had a big roll of grasscloth left over from when I wallpapered the back of my old den bookshelves.  The background of the paper was a pretty green, but from more than a few feet away the paper came off looking brown, which didn't thrill me.  From the renovations we have LOTS of paint in the basement so I decided to try painting the grasscloth for a free project.

The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Harbor Fog.

I've measured and painted three sections, but have only installed (aka scotch-taped) the bottom half of the right bookcases. 

Grainy iPhone pic of how it stands right this minute.

What do you think?  Go ahead and finish this project.  For you non-UNC peeps, is it too much Carolina blue?



  1. I think a darker blue, something a little gray blue or even navy might help warm the bookshelf. But UNC blue is a nice choice too.

  2. I would suggest a very pale yellow. Buy a couple of sheets of wrapping paper and experiment by just taping it in. Something with a design might work too if it was subtle.

  3. I personally love patterns, check out this site for ideas, love the chevron!