Thursday, January 17, 2013

4 Free Chiavari Barstools

Luckily, we didn't make too many big mistakes in the renovations process, but one was pressing order on 4 of these bar stools.  Josh tried to tell me to order only 1 first, but I did not listen.   This was all my mistake.  Hyper, impatient and stubborn.
1000 lb. Max White Resin Chiavari Barstool [RBB900K-RESIN-WHITE-CSP]

Problem #1: They arrived in all their white plastic glory (I mistakenly checked resin instead of wood).  Being white really accentuated the very plastic looking joints.  After FedEx informed me they would charge about $600 to send them back (way more than the cost of the chairs!!!), I decided to try and salvage them by painting them black.  For a few hours they actually didn't look too bad in the kitchen.

Problem #2: Unfortunately, the lacquer just wouldn't adhere to the beautiful plastic surface so I've ended up with speckled chairs and paint chips on the floor.  Luckily, Olivia has finally learned paint chips are not delicious treats.

Problem #3: When ordering bar stools you should really know the difference and consider counter height v. bar height.  It was a detail that never crossed my mind.  These stools were meant for a bar and therefore you had to have quite tiny legs to get them under the granite and even still you were hovering awkwardly high above the island.  Not comfortable.

Now that we've finally tossed in the towel on these chairs, does anyone want them for free?  I would have tried another paint and kept them if we didn't also have the height issue -- the chiavari style really is attractive.  
They will be in my basement until someone comes to take them to a new home.

We snagged new bar stools from Restoration Hardware during a great sale they had at the beginning of January.  I can't say enough good things about how quickly they arrived, the quality and the overall customer service.  

We are so much happier with counter height, non-chipping, comfortable stools.  All three of us, that is...  What is wrong with this crazy dog?!

Any takers??

Also - a few overdue pics from La's shower and engagement party weekend.

Thank you to our lovely hostesses, Ann & Rachel.

That evening friends of the future bride and groom hosted an engagement party in downtown Raleigh.

UNC roomies and our husbands - we missed you, Caroline & Lathan!

La's camp Thunderbird friends

Anderson Family

Bean Family

I have a million pics from this weekend so maybe I'll get around to creating my first FB album in a long time.



  1. Hey Whit, If someone wants 2-3 of the chairs, I could use the remainder for a "chair-ity" fashion show the apparel and interiors students are staging on May 2. We are upcycling and redesigning chairs that will in turn inspire the design of garments made by the apparel students. Just let me know. Lauren can transport. Thanks, Ren. Ps. Have you heard about Caroline Loving Jetton??

    1. Hey Ren! This is perfect and I'm excited they can go to good use. Lauren is coming over for dinner Sunday, so I'll give her as many as you'd like then. Yes - Caroline Loving Jetton is DARLING! Lauren sent me an online album. I know you guys are all so in love with her. Love, Whit

  2. Whitney, your kitchen is nuts! Also, that red dress is adorable. Details please.

    1. Thank you! The dress was a very lucky 40% off Ann Taylor find on the day of Josh's office holiday party. We need to get together! XO

  3. Absolutely love the new bar stools, they are perfect! Also of course love the pics from the engagement party! xo

  4. So curious about the bar stool v. counter stool height issue. So you have a normal height island and you needed counter stools not bar stools? What are bar stools for then? I don't want to order wrong! Also, what's the source for your original chivari stools?

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