Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo recap of Sept happenings

A little catch up photo montage of what we've been up to in Sept.  

We headed to Topsail for a few days with my family -- it was perfect.  In my opinion, it's tough to beat September at the beach.

Tried this Ranch Oyster Cracker recipe from Pinterest and they were a tasty snack.

Attended some State games.  I promise Carolina is still #1 in my heart.

I went to VA for work and stayed with the Monroes in their gorgeous new home.  I also got to visit with my cousin, Reu, but sadly didn't get a pic!

Went to Wrightsville with the Wootens.

Sadly, one of my very dearest friends lost her mom to cancer.  What a sweet and strong woman I'll never forget.  Continuing to pray for all her friends and family as they grieve this tremendous loss.


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