Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lucite Love

Overall our house is pretty traditional, but I definitely don't want it looking like an old granny lives here, so I'm trying to add in some fun pieces.

I was in a meeting in VA week before last and my cell phone buzzed, I glanced down to see it was a picture text from one of my best friend's (Caroline) mom (who happens to be one of my mom's best friends).  Here is what she found:

That sweet Nancy came over a few weeks ago and remembered me saying I wanted a lucite chair to go at my desk in the butler's pantry.  She found it at a shop on Oak Island.  Luckily for me, my mom was heading to the beach with Nancy that weekend and picked it up.  Also lucky - my sis was in Charlotte that weekend so she then delivered it to me in Raleigh.  Thanks Nancy, mom & Bay!

I am in love!

Lots of "styling" still to be done in here.  Beverage fridge to go in that hole to left of desk.

Have any personal shopper requests for Nancy?  She has quite the eye!

We are off to the State game today -- never ever thought I'd be so excited.  UNC is still #1 in my heart, but State does know how to tailgate!
Retro State game pic


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