Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Charlotte

I have been slacking, no routine for the last week includes not blogging.  Plus, I haven't been home to work on any projects.

So- in the meantime, I bring you another little picture montage...

Stockings for dogs & humans alike

Ethel & Eloise by the piano; mom & dad's tree

Someone had separation anxiety a few weeks ago and opened a bunch of gifts

Lovely morning faces

Appreciative pups

My mom is a saint for allowing all these crazy dogs at her house for the holidays!
Maysie, Olivia, Ethel, Eloise, Amelia

Pink Elephant earrings from Bay

Typical Christmas breakfast at Collins house

Christmas night photo shoot begins

Josh with Collins sisters

Collins siblings with their sweet mom; Collins women with Gammy

Sisters with our grandmother; cousins (siblings) Weston & Tricia

3 generations -- Aunt Leigh, Gammy & Mary Cameron

Posing with Dad

Photo shoot: 3 Collins siblings - Ray, Leigh & Bruce; 2 daughters & dad; Leigh & I; 4 girl cousins - Whit, MC, Bailey & Addison

Cousin love - Weston, Whit, Tricia & Bay

Nikko's on the 26th

Patterson sisters on the 27th - Amanda, Cyndy & Belinda

Sadly, I neglected to document the bowl game or night out with the girls.

Some fun home goodies coming soon!


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