Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring & Summer China

With the warmer weather (with the exception of Monday when we had sleet in Raleigh!), I can't help but thinking about dining outside on our porch with friends and family.  As Josh noted tonight, "we have never actually done that, Whit."  Well he's right...and maybe one reason is due to a lack of table and chairs and proper outdoor dinnerware (other reasons may be due to mosquitoes attraction to Josh and the fact that we live on a busy street).  Nonetheless, here are some little collections and themes I've put together after purusing the world wide web.

1. Melamine -- very practical and affordable

2. Personalized plates & glasses -- they run a little more expensive (and some are a bit obnoxious for me)

3. Flower power -- many cheerful bright flower designs.

4. Mix & match -- multi-colored sets

5.  Sea scapes -- beautiful designs inspired by the sea.

6. Aviary addiction -- I love the bird patterns!

7. Vintage Feminine -- new designs that feel old.

8. Whimsical Garden Party -- perfect for a ladies lunch
9.  Unique drinks -- lots of liquids on the porch (cocktail and virgin varieties)

I'm dying for lots of these items -- especially the knives from Anthropologie, the Victorian tumblers from Pottery Barn, the beast feet tureen from Anthropologie & the decorator's drink dispenser (you can change out the theme in the bottom where they currently have fruits).

Any other favorites or good ideas you've come across for outside dining?

In other news, my sweet co-worker, Laura, requested that I start adding some of Josh's commentary -- particularly on my outfits.

Yesterday after I got ready for work (in some hand-me-downs I took from Rachel on Saturday) he said, "You look like you are going to volunteer in South America."  Other people just commented on how the boots looked a few sizes too big (I wear a 6.5 or 7 and these are a 9).  This isn't the first and won't be the last time I wear shoes that don't fit!


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  1. Olivia has not appeared in nearly enough posts. I am going to stop reading if I don't see some more of that Olive!