Wednesday, March 16, 2011

$30 project

I say $30...but it may have been more like $20.  This was one of my first projects that I did in 415 -- about a year or so before I actually moved in.  I love our old house, but one of our problems is storage.  We are lucky that the architect who remodeled made nice closets in the bedrooms, but we have NO hall closets.  This piece serves as our linen closet in our hallway upstairs.  I wouldn't usually love the lines of a piece like this, but it turned out ok for the short term.  I have to keep reminding myself we can't do everything at once!




All supplies came from my favorite Ace Hardware in Seaboard Station.  Black high gloss paint, gold leaf paint and lion knobs all less than $30!  Oh, and actual piece was free!

Here it is in the small upstairs hallway...

I need a much smaller lamp!

Here it is with no lamp

And my little superintendent, Olive!


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  1. Love this table! I am very impressed with the paint job and the nobs look original!!