Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy party or gift idea

I'm so thrilled that my wedding is over (as many brides understand!), but I LOVE weddings and enjoy thinking of ideas for friends.  One of our family friends is getting married in May at a vineyard in the mountains.  She is having her bridesmaid luncheon a week prior at another family friend's lake home (hello, Carrie!).  We were trying to think of fun ideas for the table and luncheon in general and loved how special it was that Rachel (my best friend) had gorgeous individual arrangments with the placecard tied to the bottom of them at her bridesmaid's luncheon last fall.  It was such a nice personal touch -- and a little gift we got to take home!  Each time I use the vase it reminds me of their special weekend.

They are the arrangements directly behind the pink linen napkins.

To keep in line with the vineyard theme we opted to create personalized wine glasses for the cocktail that the girls will receive upon their arrival.  I'm really not that into monogrammed items, but Bailey and I painted some fun wine glasses for Allie's 21st bday that turned out to be adorable so I was enlisted to create 24 for this event.

First I started by typing the monogram in a basic engraving font and printing out to put inside the glass.

Next you paint a clear "conditioning" coat onto the glass.
Then it's really just using that as a guide to paint your monogram (or any other shape / design you desire) onto the glass.  Think elementary school tracing...
After the colored paint dries there is another clear sealer that you paint on top.  Let them dry for 10 days.

The finished products!

Since these are going to have a girlie drink complete with a flower in the bottom, we opted to keep these very plain.  For Allie's we embellished the glasses a bit more with some polka dots and stripes.

(The cheapest glasses we could find were from Target and the glass paint came from Michael's).

Hopefully all the girls will enjoy them!  I think I may do some bright (pink?) ones for myself to use on our porch this summer.  Could be fun to do beach theme for AB as well!

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