Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to the world Charles Benton Otto!

Charles Benton Otto graced us with his presence last Monday, March 24 at 2:30 a.m.  He weighed in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was about 20 inches long.  The little guy made his debut 9 days late, but we have already forgiven him!  

He has way lighter hair than we expected and one of the first things everyone notices are his really long fingers -- perhaps we have a little athlete on our hands?  It's safe to say we are already wrapped around his (long) little fingers.

No birth story yet, but here is a photo overload.

Josh has been so incredible -- it's true you totally melt seeing your husband hold your baby.  I didn't know I could possibly love him more, but this last week my heart is about to burst!

One of my best friends, Rachel, came over right when we arrived home from the hospital and I'm so impressed with the professional-like photos she captured.  I'll treasure these forever!

Charles came home in the same outfit Josh left the hospital in 33 1/2 years ago.  Love the giraffe that ties in so nicely with his nursery.

Olivia is extremely fascinated by him and so far has been a great big sister.  If he cries, she desperately tries to alert us. He actually has been pretty mellow and a good sleeper during his first week.

She even tried bringing him one of her toys to pacify him.

I cannot believe he is already a week old!

We are beyond thankful to God for blessing us with this beautiful baby boy.

Thanks so much to all our family and friends who have done so much for us.



  1. I found your blog through Julia Ryan's and I love, love, love your house. I have to say you look absolutely beautiful. Are you sure you just had a baby? ;-) My husband and I both have very dark hair like yours and we have 3 boys who all came out blond and stayed blond until they were 3. It really threw us off when my first son arrived because we expected a dark haired baby too. :-) He is gorgeous and I hope you are enjoying every second. It goes by so fast and it makes me so sad as my baby will be 2 in May and as I was looking at your pictures, it felt like yesterday that we brought our last baby home. Some days will be long and hard but the months will fly by. Enjoy! And I'm still looking through your house pics! So much inspiration!!

  2. Yay! I've been waiting for more pictures. He looks so sweet, Whit. And you look fantastic! Way fresher than I did after my first kid ;) Can't wait to see more of the sweet guy and hear about how things are going. Congratulations!

  3. Whitney you look great! That sweet boy is just precious :)

  4. I arrived here trying to get to The Pink Elephant blog to enter my creation but just had to say God bless you and tell you what a lovely baby you have! I see you have already taken loads of photos so I hope that one of you is a scrapbooker so you can preserve them in a special way. If you are not familiar with scrapping stop by my blog and take a peek. I also do cards and mixed media.