Thursday, March 6, 2014

One more baby post

After seeing these highchairs featured at many first birthdays and across Pinterest and blog land, I decided to take the highchair I'd registered for off my registry and start hunting for an old wooden Jenny Lind.  I ended up finding one locally on Craig's List for about $50.  I've gotten safe paint (in BM Hydrangea Blue) and a food safe sealer and plan to work on it during maternity leave (not that the little guy will need it for a while).  Has anyone tackled this project?  Any advice?  I plan to use this as my everyday highchair, not just for birthdays.  I want to find a new strap because that part of it being old really grosses me out.  

I'll report back once I complete it!

Last Thursday evening, we were blessed with another fun baby shower.  My mother-in-law, Jean, graciously open her lovely home and invited family and some of her friends and neighbors over to celebrate Baby Otto.  It was a wonderful evening -- this baby is spoiled already!
(I wish I'd taken more pictures, but here are a few)

The delicious cake from Edible Art matched the invitation (from Charlotte's)

Jean and some of her friends

Thanks to all the ladies who came that night!  I feel very blessed.

I promise not every post will be about babies, but maybe writing about it again tonight (after being a slack blogger!) will get him to come on out.  The spicy food, pineapple, walking, etc. don't seem to be working...



  1. Hey! I just saw your blog on Pawley's Island Posh! We just painted our jenny lind crib and we used a paint sprayer. It came out soooo well and we didn't have any drips. I have a friend that just did high chairs and she painted hers by hand and they look awesome too. The spindles can be a pain. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  2. I did the same thing with our high chair and it was honestly the best decision! I looked multiple places for replacement straps as well and didn't have much luck so I simply took them off, washed them (on hottest cycle) and affixed them back on (with a staple gun). I had to sand it which was a huge pain but all the elbow grease was totally worth it and it looks brand new. I also bought a pad from Carousel Design to make it a little softer and just toss it in the wash when I can't spot clean. Good luck with everything!