Sunday, December 15, 2013

SheInside - a happy ending

I spied this outfit on Pinterest a month or so ago and have been obsessed with recreating the look.  Like many Pinterest pics, the link didn't lead me to the source, but that certainly wasn't going to stop me.  I did some internet searching and found a few similar cape options (some were quite pricey!) and then ended up stumbling upon the very one on


At only $76 plus a 15% off code for being a new customer -- it was quite the bargain.  I was a bit skeptical since I'd heard mixed reviews for the site, but ended up taking my chance and ordering it.  I did pay for expedited shipping, but after processing time it still took about 2 weeks to arrive.  Overall, I'm happy with the quality for the price.  It will be quite comfortable during my third trimester.

Have you ordered anything from


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  1. This is very good to know. They have the most adorable pieces but I am too scared to order. I wrote this post a while back

    It is crazy. People write horror stories daily.